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We are always looking for more volunteers that are reliable and can donate at least 1 ½ hours a shift to feed, scoop litter boxes and socialize.  If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, please email us at

We are always looking for the following volunteers who can also assist in moving this organization forward. Each doesn’t require a specific amount of time or time slot each week, but possibly a few hours a month in one of the specific fields listed below. None of these are difficult jobs – but all are equally important to our organization and right now are being done between covering shifts, marketing and delivering cats, adoption events and fundraising.   


Grants and Program Director

Fundraising Director or Assistant


Web/Facebook Director – to maintain our site and Facebook with updates of cats and happy tails and new info we need to share with the public and our supporters


If anyone is interested in any of the above, please please email Mary at

It is important al our volunteers are not too far from Huntington, New York   – so we can meet as much as possible, if needed.   

Our Volunteers

Without the help of each and every one of them in each and every way they are able to contribute, we would not be able to

accomplish our mission.


Board Members


Mary & Bill McDonnell – Rescue Directors




Marie, Kim, Linda C. , Bill N., Linda G., Rebecca, Rosemary, Marie, Lori, Pat, Vincent, Jen, Mary, Heidi, Andi, Brad, Beth, Tara, & Gabby


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