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UPDATE- She had a lot of infection brewing - got her just in time. After 3 hours, they are still working on Sam at the vet. Debriding the wounds and scraping off areas around infected tissue. She cannot wear a collar for a while as the wounds are around her neck too. So they are wrapping all her paws so she cannot scratch herself. 4-6 weeks minimum at the vet. Her wounds will be flushed daily with sterile saline with a syringe on each wound and antibiotics daily and constant managing the wounds and vet checks. . I had her tested - and she is negative to FLV/FIV. She is between 3 and 4 years old. Will keep u updated. 

OMG - One of my friends and a volunteer just trapped this cat today - she is at the vet right now in Huntington. They said she was burned and just missed her eye. Don't know if intentional or not. It's also on other areas of her body. She will need a huge amount of care. The vet is even sickened by it. If anyone would like to contribute towards this girls care - please click on the PayPal link below or you can call contributions into the vet.  

Donations can be called minimum expense will be $1500 for major care for many many weeks. As it heals she will scratch it and good chance of infection. Burns are very bad.  We named her SAM (Samantha)

She is at:

Woodland animal hospital 
642 New York Avenue 
Huntington. NY. 11743 

631 549 7387. 

I will continue to post updates. The vets office would appreciate not getting calls to check on her. It disrupts the care and surgeries not only to Sam , but to.other animals needing care. They r kind enough to.accept the donations over the phone for us for her care. Most vets won't. Thank you. I promise to keep everyone updated. 

One thing we all must realized is this cat was trapped outside. No one knows whose cat it is or if it's a stray and if anyone did this to her who it is or if somehow it was an accident. As most know nothing can be proven even in cases where abuse is known. It's best to concentrate on her well being and helping the vet expense. Who ultimately is responsible when someone traps a cat and brings to.the vet - it's not the vets responsibility to eat the expense and certainly not the trapper. This ine one reason many of these cats are immediately euthanized or ignored. It's easier for many to turn away then take charge of these situations. As a close friend of the trapper snd a rescuer myself - I posted for her for community awareness and hopefully some help for a desperate cat. My gut says she will thrive. We are merely the vehicle for helping the situation. So let's share the post and pray she makes it thru this and hopefully as a pet loving community help with this financial situation. Most would have put her down. None of us want that. Thank you all for caring.

Thank you.all for your concern.

Please click on the below link which will take you to PayPal.