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Sleeping Cat


Our Mission

Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Long Island is an exclusively charitable, all volunteer run organization (501c3 tax-exempt) dedicated to the rescue of cats from municipal shelters or are shelter bound.  We truly believe every cat, no matter how old, difficult or sick, deserves to be loved and needs us to be their "family" and comfort until we find a home for them that matches the personality of the cat with the flow of the adopter's household.  We diligently screen adopters and deliver every cat to the their home.

Age appropriate medical care is provided to each rescued cat, which includes FIV/FeLV tested, wormed, vaccinated and spayed /neutered.  Any other medical needs the rescued cat may have will be taken care of as well.  The most important service we provide is socializing and treating each of them as they if they are our own pet.  They play and are held and spoken to often - so they are happy and healthier because of this daily care.

We are dedicated to educating the public of the importance of spay/neuter, as well as how to maintain harmony in the home if a newly adopted cat is causing a disruption. We are determined to continue this mission, as well as continue to add additional educational programs.  

Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Long Island will not compromise our standards of care for financial reasons, so in order to continue to rescue many other cats that need our help, the generous support of others is needed.


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